Monday, June 27, 2016

Check out Wotan Learns Respect!

Check out our new picture book by C. R. Benson and Scott Ford!

Wotan the wolf pup gets lost in the woods near his home. Follow him as he tries to find his way with the help of the most unlikely friend!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tom and Huck's Final Adventure!

Check out our newest historical fiction by J.T. Jones!

Tom and Huck’s adventures began with a white picket fence and a journey down a river, but just as the Mississippi is vast and ever-changing, so too are the adventures of these two friends. The boys have grown up and have begun pursuing their unique paths in life. Tom left home to study law and start a family while Huck studied steamboats and has become a ship’s captain. But life is about to be far from normal. War has come to the South. The Yankees draw closer and separate the friends to different sides of the conflict. Daily mischief becomes life-threatening decisions, and the games they once played are no longer safe. Follow Tom and Huck as they face new challenges amid the horrors of war.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Submission Guidelines for 3rd Annual Wolfwatcher Anthology

Hello all! Thurston Howl Publications is once again working with the National Wolfwatcher Coalition to make another charity anthology. The past two volumes have been more than successful, and we hope to continue that success with volume 3.

The anthology is accepting the following submission types: short stories, flash fiction (really short short stories), poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, artwork, and photography. Specifics on each medium are explained below. Writing can be of any genre: from science fiction to Westerns to romance to literary. Your choice. All submissions have to be heavily wolf-related though. You can submit in multiple categories, but each section's guidelines does have its own number of submissions policy.

The proceeds for this anthology will go to the non-profit organization National Wolfwatcher Coalition. Authors/artists will be contacted after the deadline regarding their acceptance into the anthology at which point terms and rights will be discussed. All accepted authors/artists will be published in the anthology.

THIS YEAR'S THEME: WINTER WOLVES. Read this as you will. You can make this holiday-related or winter-related. This theme holds true regardless of the type of submission.

Submission Deadline: June 15th

What We Will Not Accept
We will not accept any portrayals of wolves in a negative light. There are no exceptions here.
We will not accept pure erotica or sexual explicity.
We will not accept profanity. If your writing is great and you do have profanity, expect to work with us to remove the profanity.
We will not accept previously published works of any kind.
We will not accept work that is not original.

Short Stories/Creative Nonfiction/Essays
Anything that is up to 15,000 words. (Do not see this as a goal/challenge though. A 4,000 word short story is perfectly acceptable. Just be aware that stories above 15,000 words will not be accepted.)
Format: 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced
You may only submit one short story.
Cover letter not necessary, but it certainly can't hurt either.
Email Microsoft Word file with subject "SUBMISSIONS" to Jonathan at

Flash Fiction
Anything 300-1000 words.
Format: 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced
You may submit up to two flash fiction pieces.
Cover letter not necessary, but it certainly can't hurt either.
Email Microsoft Word file with subject "SUBMISSIONS" to Jonathan at

Anything 3 to 200 lines.
Format: 12pt Times New Roman
You may submit up to three poems.
Cover letter not necessary, but it certainly can't hurt either.
Email Microsoft Word file with subject "SUBMISSIONS" to Jonathan at

Must have high pixel rate.
Can be black/white or color. Note that we will try to also do a separate art volume to facilitate use of color, but the work will primarily be published in B&W.
You may submit three pieces of artwork/photography.
Cover letter not necessary, but it certainly can't hurt either. Please at least send the titles of all pieces sent and the medium used.
Email file with subject "SUBMISSIONS" to Jonathan at

Logo, property of National Wolfwatcher Coalition

Monday, December 7, 2015

Check out Living in the Moment: Lone Wolf

Check out our newest memoir by Roland Jenkins!

Through dark woods and miles of road, Roland Jenkins has been on an incredible American journey. He has learned about life, love, liberty, and the American dream. Prepare yourself as he leads us through the nation's mountains, streams, highways, factories, and memorials, showing us what it ultimately means to live in the moment. With each passing story, we witness the sketches that make up a life, a story that is full of joy, sadness, despair, and a hope that is everlasting.

"Roland Jenkins captures the art of storytelling and the heart of humanity in Living in the Moment. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be immensely happy you've read this work." -Robert Bradford, Above the Pines.

Amazon link: Click here

If you liked our first wolf anthology, check out Wolf Warriors, Vol. II!

Check out our newest anthology edited by Jonathan W. Thurston!

Wolves have terrified and mystified us, their howls echoing through the words of our fairy tales, the texts of our stories, and the deepest crevices of our imaginations. Wolf Warriors II presents a diverse collection of artwork, poetry, essays, and short stories, featuring award-winning poets Mark Tredinnick and John Noland. This anthology captures the various faces of the wolf: from the fantastic to the horrific, from the snow-capped mountain peaks to the moonlit lake in the trees. The howls of these warriors will make you smile, make you cry, and, most of all, make you want to raise your own howl to join the chorus.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tons of reviews for Furries Among Us!

 Our most recent book, Furries Among Us, has gained tons of media attention on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, and tons of furry venues. It sold out at the European furry convention, Eurofurence, and continues to sell there. Below are just some of the quotes and links from various reviewers:

"A very enjoyable and informative read. I highly suggest it!"

"Furries Among Us is, ultimately, a dense, deep and readable exploration of the furry community."
-JM from [adjective][species]:

"I highly recommend this book, especially for the potential and wannabe furry who may not yet have a full picture of what the fandom is all about. The curious onlooker would do well to peruse it too. On several levels it does a comprehensive job of defining and describing just what it is we do and why we do it."
-Vox Fox from Dogpatch Press:

"Overall, this book helped me understand this fandom better. Thank you for it."
-Bill from Goodreads:


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our newest collection of essays!

Check out our newest collection of essays edited by Thurston Howl.

Are they human, or are they beast? Over the past several decades, the world has seen a new phenomenon on the rise, a group of people identifying as "furries." They have appeared in the news and popular TV shows as adults wearing fursuits and participating in sex parties, but what are they really? This collection of essays on the furry fandom reveals furries through their own eyes, with bestselling novelist Kyell Gold, award-winning artist Rukis, the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, and so many more, covering topics from anthropomorphic art to fursuiting to conventions and the psychology behind furries. Some of the essays are comical and playful, while others are serious and academic. On one paw, this is a work for non-furries to get a glimpse into the anthropomorphic world. On the other, this is a chance for furries to hear from many of their favorite furries celebrities.

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